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Business and Consumer Market Research Panel.

Amplitude's nationwide consumer market research and B2B market research survey panels were formed in early 2002 and include U.S. households, business executives, small business owners, and over 100 different targeted selects.

Consumer information includes age, gender, household income, education level, region of the country, zip code, and ethnicity. Our consumer research panel also includes selects for over 25 different recreational interests ranging from golf to computer gaming, and targeting of such data points as vacation travels, cell phone usage, dining preferences, net worth, online shopping, banking, food shopping, real estate ownership, and recent car purchasing.

Business information includes occupation, industry group, size of employer, job title, and influence on marketing or technology purchases.

Our market research panel can be supplemented by real-time "river" methods with our panel partners. An "affiliate network" is a collection of sites, both large and small, that when grouped together form a meaningful flow of survey takers. Potential market research panelists complete a demographic screener after clicking on a link/banner to participate in a survey, and are then randomly assigned to a survey. We also supplement our research panels with a close network of U.S. and foreign delivery partners.

Combined, we can access over 400,000 participants through our double opt-in research panels and media / strategic partners. Sample is always priced on a cost-per-completion (CPC) basis with guaranteed completion rates.

Technology Market Research Panel.

Amplitude's technology market research panel was formed in early 2002 and can target five distinct segments of market research panelists:
  • C level or higher IT professionals including CTOs, CIOs, and MIS managers.
  • Developers, software engineers, programmers, database administrators, and security experts.
  • Systems administrators, network administrators, and networking managers.
  • Business executives at smaller size technology companies such as CEOs, CFOs, and senior managers.
  • Other IT professionals such as project managers, technical support specialists, and intranet managers.
Collectively, we can reach over 10,000 IT professionals through our valued media / strategic partners and double opt-in panelists.

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